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Courses in Hertfordshire

Level 1 Next course in Hertfordshire 18th Oct. and 15th Nov. based at Harpenden IBC.

Courses 2017

Level 2 Date planned for late 2017 - please register your interest with me.

Welfare 'Time to Listen' Planning second Module 2017 - please register your interest with me

Disability Module Will run when interest had been identified - please register your interest with me.

Activator: Feb 2018 at Hartfield IBC - watch the BDA web site for date

 Please contact me if you would like to be kept advised/register your interest 

Graham Marriner 


Level 1 Course Buckinghamshire

This was the first 1st4sport (BDA) course to be run in Buckinghamshire with great success.
Nine new bowlers were Assessed as Competent.
Foxhill IBC was the venue with the candidates coming from Bucks, Bedfordshire,
Northampton, Berkshire, Hertfordshire.


 Support for Clubs to meet their coaching needs and for coaches to expand their coaching experience.

Herts Bowls Coaching Society
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 Level 1 Success

On Saturday 14th Nov. another Level 1 course was successfully completed at
Hatfield IBC
10 candidates were deemed competent and will be receiving their
1st4sport (coaching certificate) qualification.

Well over 1,000 bowlers have gained their Level 1 coaching qualification as is
a great base from which to further
develop their coaching skills. .



Activator ~ Suffolk

The latest Activator was held in Ipswich & District IBC (Suffolk) on the 6th October
and attracted a large and enthusiastic class of 16 'students'.
The group came from many sectors, with only two who actually bowled. However, the benefit of the Activator  is as the name suggests "to make active or capable of action".  


Future Coaching dates
Hertfordshire is the location for the following courses.
Book with Sports Structures on their web site

Level 1: Day 1: 24th April    Day 2: 29th May 2016.


Activator (half day) course

16th February 2016 

Go to http://www.playbowls.org/index.php/coach-bowls/activator-module 

Play Bowls  website gives full details/how to book the Activator 


 Go to Play Bowls to see all the course dates and remember you can take a course wherever it is run in the Country.

Activator Module

Hertfordshire ran the first Activator Module on the 17th Feb. 2015 during Coach Education Week. 28 attendees took part from clubs spread across the County. We were delighted to welcome Bowls England C.E.O. Tony Allcock who joined the attendees and participated fully in the class-room and on the green.
Tony wrote to the Lead Tutor Graham Marriner "I
t would be remiss of me if I did not write to convey my Congratulations to you personally and members of your Hertfordshire Coaching team on the production of a wonderful day spent at Hatfield IBC yesterday. The delivery by everyone involved was so professional"
Tony went on to add "despite
being 'marooned' on the M1 on the way home last evening, it had little relevance as I was sitting at the wheel of my car  'uplifted' by attending such a course which was delivered with, and received by, so much enthusiasm. I noted that the end result was so many of those attending expressing a wish to progress to Coach Bowls Level 1".

Graham Marriner welcoming Tony Allcock MBE
Introducing new bowlers to the green.
Class-room session
On green instruction

Off to another great start
Harpenden IBC hosted the Level 1 bowls coaching qualification course.
Day 1 (13th Nov.)
with Day 2 on the 17th Dec. The 'script' for the course has had some tuning that has changed the balance between the 'class room' sessions and the practical 'on the green' time. Also the 'learners' must carry out two fully planned and delivered Tasks ahead of Day 2 and this has strengthened the course content. The Class has 'learners' from Herts, Middlesex and Bucks. 

Great start to the Level 1 Coaching Course
Hertfordshire: Watford IBC hosted the second Level 1 coaching course awarded by 1st4sport in the County.
Earlier this year 15 bowlers were successful in gaining their Level 1. On this second course 18 'Learners' were seeking their
bowls qualification. Excellent news all were Assessed competent and gained their first step on the coaching ladder. 


Successful Level 1 course Slade IBC ~ Bedford
Saturday 8th March saw the BDA reach another mile stone with the first awarding of Level 1 '1st4sport qualification' bowls in the County of Bedfordshire. Nine candidates successfully completed Day 2 of the qualification course from the original 10 starters. The number of bowlers taking the Level 1 and PBIM programme is very positive and with the skills acquired these can be exercised at the fast approaching Open Days for another Lawn Bowls season. 


PBIM Course Watford Woodside IBC
As part of the Herts Coach Education Week, the largest event of its kind in Europe, 20 attendees took part in this BDA PBIM course {23rd Feb 2014}. The course was Tutored by Diana Tribe, Michelle VanPut and Graham Marriner
Feedback from the  attendees was good and provided the confidence for them to assist their club coaches at their forthcoming Open Days and in the case of one group from the Welwyn Garden City B.C. to assist in a Satellite schools project with Monkswood School. Hertfordshire has already registered for the 2015 Education Week programme.

BDA Level 1 Hertfordshire
15 'students' were successful in gaining their Level 1 Award in Coaching Bowls.This course was run at the Riverain IBC with the Assessment completed in February 2014. This has given the successful candidates their first qualification in coaching and allows them to assist coaches at Level 2 and above. With experience gained at Level 1 the future offers them the chance to progress to a Level 2 qualification and beyond. The course was Tutored by Diana Tribe, Michelle VanPut and Graham Marriner with Assessors from Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Level 1 BDA course
Stonyhille Bowls Club was the setting for the Level 1 (BDA) coaching course
(28th Nov.) This was the second (and final day) of the course and the
candidates were Assessed on their competence to
coach. This was one
of a number of pilot's that seeks to  'strength' test the approach/content of
coaching module. Application to join a Level 1 course should be
through www.playbowls.com  

Kempston IBC

Play Bowls Introductory Module (PBIM)
Kempston Park IBC (Bedford) was the host club for the PBIM (26th Nov.).
The feedback was first class from all the attendees. Comments from the 'watchers' on the fun the participants were having also helped to demonstrate to purpose of this 'meeting and greeting' course applied to running a successful Open Day. 

Tutors & Assessors
Hertfordshire now have five Tutors who are also Assessors.
Diana Tribe, Michelle VanPut, Graham Marriner, Stuart Stamp and Eddie Plume..

 BDA Level 2 Coaching
Eight Hertfordshire coaches successfully completed their (BDA) Level 2
qualification awarded by 1st4sport. This will enable them to support
Tutors to run (BDA) Level 1 courses in Hertfordshire, the first planned
to start in January 2014. We are recommending that all bowlers
interested in taking a Level 1 qualification  incoaching should go
to www.playbowls.com and complete the application form. 

Potters Bar B.C. claim Silver award

25 visitors came to the Club for 4 x Play Bowls sessions. We recruited 20 new bowlers. The Club has an excellent team of coaches who have given, group and 1:1 sessions to encourage the new bowlers to enjoy the game. Coaches and other members of the Club have offered mentoring to help the new bowlers to integrate into 'club life'. 

Nine bowls clubs in Hertfordshire have been successful in the first round of funding for the Silver Package (£290 per package).
The Hertfordshire BDA will continue to work with more clubs wishing to meet the criteria for funding.  

CLUBMARK Workshops
Eight clubs in Hertfordshire continue to be interested in gaining
CLUBMARK. Three Workshops were run in 2013 and going in 2014 further
workshops are planned. Garston and Potters Bar Bowls Clubs are well advanced and 
will check progress with the Herts Sports Partnership in January 2014.
Contact graham@bowls4all.com if you would like further details.

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