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There is no great expense in starting to play bowls. Most clubs simply ask you to arrive with a flat soled pair of shoes and wearing comfortable clothing. Bowls will be provided to quickly get you started. However, once through your initial coaching you will want your own set of woods.  Your coach will have explained the different bowls available and the effect of their specific bias on the line the bowls takes on its path to the jack.  Whilst there is a wide range of manufactures/suppliers from which to buy new bowls, at the start of your bowling you might like to purchase a second-hand set of bowls, until you have finally settled on the type/manufacture that suits you.  Bowlers who change their bowls often wish to sell their spare sets.  Details of ‘bowls for sale’ can be found on most club notice boards. The links on this page will display the information provided by clubs and anyone can purchase the bowls shown for sale.

Great support for the junior bowlers

Youth Games 2012 – A first for Lawn Bowls
The 8th July 2012 was a very special day for junior bowls in Hertfordshire for the first
time Lawn Bowls took its place alongside eleven other sports of Acquathlon, Athletics,
Badminton, Basketball, Boccia, Cricket, Fencing, Football, Hockey, Netball and
Tennis. Herts. Hertfordshire Bowls Development Officer Graham Marriner planned
and managed the Bowls competition with John Hay managing competition ‘on the day’
Bowls Teams from East Herts,

Hertsmere, North Herts, St. Albans, Stevenage, Watford and Welwyn & Hatfield
Districts competed in skills exercises and a ‘Fours League’ during the day for the prize
of the Herts Youth Games Bowls Trophy and Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.
teams of young bowlers were almost entirely new to the game of bowls with each team
representing their local Hertfordshire County Council District. Schools were selected
to be twined with their local bowls club in Hertsmere Potters Bar BC twined with
Dame Alice Owens School; Welwyn & Hatfield, De Havilland BC twinned with 
Onslow St Audrey’s School; East Herts, Bishop Stortford BC twined with
Birchwood High School; St Albans, Harpenden BC twined with Roundwood Park
School; Stevenage twined with Barclay School; North Herts, with the Riverain Bowls
Club and Watford twined with Queens School and Falconer School.

The youngsters received upwards of six coaching sessions from their bowls club
however, the poor weather conditions constricted coaching, in a number of cases
to less than three sessions. All the more remarkable was the good standard of
bowling at the Games. The coaching sessions produce a team of 4 players and
2 reserves for each District.
 38 junior under 19’s made up the 7 teams at the
Games.  The morning session saw all members of the teams take part in a series of skills
exercises, set-up and demonstrated by current Hertfordshire Bowls Middleton Cup
senior squad and junior team players Michael Coles (Garston Bowls) and Jason
Horwood (Mill End). 
An early lunch break was taken during the enforced stop
following a heavy downpour and play was resumed, when the sun finally broke through.

The afternoon competition was a Fours League with each team having
six players rotating four players to play in each of the League matches so that all
competitors had a chance to take part. The first two sessions were played then a
break was taken to present each of the competitors with a gift to commemorate their 
participation, from Bowls Organizer Graham Marriner, the Hertfordshire Bowls
Development Officer, whilst awaiting the arrival of the Olympic Torch en-route to the
2012 Olympic Games.

The afternoon bowls sessions were resumed following the
departure of the Torch as it continued on its route. As the day progressed the skill
levels and competitive nature of the players grew in stature and the matches
concluded with a presentation ceremony.
The Herts Youth Games Trophy and
Gold medal winners - Welwyn & Hatfield. Silver medal winners - St. Albans.,
Bronze medal winners - Watford.


Winners Onslow School Team

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